Cannon, a trusted name of quality bed and bath products since more than a century, has been committed to providing fashionable functionality and trendy style to its customers.

The Cannon’s Battle of Pioneer

In 1888 when James William Cannon set up his mill in Concord, North Carolina, he has efficiently demonstrated the impact of goods carrying a brand name, and his successor has been maintaining the brand at a dominant position and continuously cultivating the brand loyalty thereafter.

Brand-driven Cannon is the first in the market to have it’s name sewn onto the towels. The extensive presence of the brand in every category – from the high end to the more affordable array of products modeled a strong identity among its range, developed under a powerful merchandising network.

During its peak years in the 1970s, the awareness of Cannon brand reached a remarkable 90 percent of consumers. Fieldcrest, its most competent rival also stood a lucrative position in this market. After decades of stable growth believing in the virtues of tradition of conservatism, Cannon experienced significant revamp in 1980s in introducing contemporary and fashionable designs. The market responded positively to the designers’ creations including Japanese Issey Miyake and Swedish Katja. Innovative marketing campaigns and vigorous strategies were lined up to remold the brand with updated and trendy image, as well as diversifying its market appeal.

The merger of Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc.

The union of the two textile powerhouses in 1986 definitely incorporated every strength and effort they have rooted in the market of bed and bath products. It created a synergy to fully exert the values and experiences of the two fashion frontiers. The consolidation effectively expanding the lines of respective brands while simultaneously grasping on unique counterspace.

Cannon - The Heart of Home

A prestigious name proved with tangible claims such as timeless quality, feature usability, style and comfort, Cannon presents creatively designed and luxurious bed and bath products. As the heart of home, Cannon brings life to home, a meaningful and lovely one.


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